Jul 16, 2021 • 2 min read

Become A Streaming Legend: Engage Your Audience And Receive Maiar Donations Via StreamParticles

Daniel Serb
Daniel Serb
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Video streaming has progressed from being a hobby to becoming a way of life for people who inspire their audiences with impressive performances, engaging subjects, and witty commentary.

Inspired by the success of streamers such as Ninja or Pokimane, millions more have joined popular streaming platforms such as Twitch or Youtube, to play games or chat with their audiences, who they try to engage in the most creative manner.

This is why we are excited to introduce StreamParticles, a streaming extension that makes it easy for streamers to engage with their audiences and receive donations using Maiar!

StreamParticles has been co-developed by Jigmé, the popular streamer who mixes cooking and gaming to entertain and educate his broad French-speaking audiences, and Seraphin, a brilliant developer who brought the vision to life.

Together, the two have created the easiest way for anyone to set up their streams so they can interact with their viewers with Maiar. After a few easy and well-documented steps, any stream can show nice graphics and messages whenever a message or donation is sent via Maiar.

The current integration supports EGLD donations, with future developments to include ESDTs such as influencer tokens or stable coins.

“By adding blockchain technology to their setup, video streamers can establish a truly direct connection with their audience and convert more opportunities into direct revenue streams. We are very impressed with the finished product that Jigmé and Seraphin have crafted with deep care for Maiar users and the video streaming community” said Beniamin Mincu, Elrond Network CEO.
“Using Maiar as-is in the Cliches de Jigmé streams proved to be a lot of fun and very engaging both for my usual audience and the Elrond supporters in my group. Together with Seraphin, we got the idea to offer this opportunity to all the streamers and communities out there, to help them expand and have fun, while also doing our part for the growth of Maiar.” said Jigmé, StreamParticles co-founder.

StreamParticles is a free and open-source project that any professional or amateur streamer can use. It’s very easy to set up, thanks to the great tutorial that will help you get started in just a few minutes:

Create your free account now and become a streaming legend with StreamParticles and Maiar:

About StreamParticles

StreamParticles allows content streamers to receive tips and donations from their audiences using the Maiar app developed by Elrond Network. StreamParticles is free and open-source, and it allows you to engage your community in a direct and lucrative way.