Jan 21, 2021 • 1 min read

Enabling Seamless Money Flows At Scale: eGold Available In 170 Countries Via The Ramp Network Platform

Beniamin Mincu
Beniamin Mincu
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First time purchases of cryptocurrencies typically involve complex KYC processes and long waiting times associated with validation, registration, and transfer times. This can be an off-putting experience for newcomers or simply an inconvenience for investors looking to get exposure to crypto assets in a timely manner.

This is why we are happy to announce that eGold will be available to purchase from Ramp Network. The crypto on-ramp platform makes clever use of open banking licenses that allow users to directly connect with their bank accounts. This enables direct and compliant purchases without requiring a new KYC process, as the buyer already has completed one with their bank.

Regular users typically don’t manage digital document verification processes on their own, and therefore are not able to complete a cryptocurrency purchase. Thanks to Ramp’s innovative passthrough KYC method, this important class of users can now buy eGold as easily as if they were shopping online.

“By efficiently traversing one of the most common hurdles for first time adopters, Ramp Network will accelerate and streamline the inflow of new users into the Elrond ecosystem.” said Beniamin Mincu, Elrond CEO.

Ramp network is available in 170 countries and territories. Their innovative “easy bank payments” solution is available for customers of a significant number of banks, which is constantly growing.

Their solution is available as a regular web platform or can be easily integrated to allow in-app purchases.

They additionally offer crypto purchases using regular means such as credit card, bank transfers and Apple Pay.

You can now select Ramp Network as on-ramp for purchasing eGold by accessing